Alienware area 51m R2 Intermittent Roaring Vacuum Sound? : gamers

Does anyone own this laptop:

Help please. I really need help guys.

I got this brand new laptop two days ago. I notice every 30-45 mins I hear a roaring “vacuum” sound coming from the side and rear which lasts about 1 second. This happens repeatedly every 30-45 mins. I am just surfing the web. Nothing intensive here.

Here are the sound clips of the bizarre sound:

I ran a thorough diagnostic test by pressing F12 repeatedly at boot screen > Diagnostic. All tests pass with a green checkmark. So good to go there.

I am just wondering if anyone owns this same laptop and experiencing the same sound intermittently.

Is this normal?

Any feedback would be immensely appreciated because I spent on fortune on this beast. Thank you guy so much and God Bless!

P.S. I have the 4K 2060 GPU, 1tb SSD model.

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