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Hey all,

I used to exclusively game on more…mainstream gaming headphones if that makes sense, for the past few years I have used the Astro A50 Gen 2’s, then upgraded to the Gen 3’s and they are still in fantastic condition and sound amazing.

But with the PS5 now no longer supporting optical I had to make a choice on what kind of headset I would go with exclusively for PS5, I was going to go with the Turtle Beach 700 Gen 2’s but after a lot of searching I came across Audeze headphones, from what I gather they are an “Audiophile” type brand, but I had never heard of them, I took a chance though and pre-ordered the Audeze Penrose made for PS5 and I was hoping someone may have some experience with them or the brand, or could perhaps go over the specs on the site and let me know what they think of them, much appreciated.

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