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If you are new to Gfuel or just want to try something new, there are TONS of options to choose from! A lot of people don’t know what to get since Gfuel is kind of complicated, since many flavors are so similar but have key differences that can make or break the flavor for someone. So here are some of the best pickups to grab this holiday season!

Top 5 best Gfuel Flavors to buy RIGHT NOW!

  1. CYBER PUNCH: One of the first flavors made by Gfuel, and recently back from the vault, this flavor is a classic. It is strong, sweet, and easy to mix with tons of other drinks! The closest comparison that can be made is Hawaiin Punch but with a less acidic taste.

CYBER PUNCH has a light strawberry smell with hints of pomegranate towards the end and awesome blood-red color! If you are looking for something that doesn’t taste like a chemical-laden energy drink, then this might be the flavor for you, but there are more options!

2. Pewdiepie: Easily my favorite flavor, and for good reason! Pewdiepie flavor is actually the flavor of Lingonberry, which is a sweet cranberry without the bitter taste! It’s amazing in smoothies, water, and carbonated as well!

Pewdiepie has an almost cult following in the Gfuel community because of its amazing flavor and versatility in drinks! This flavor isn’t very complex, if you are a fan of pomegranate, you will be a huge fan of Pewdiepie.

3. Strawberry Shortcake: An amazing dessert flavor, Shortcake has a strong Strawberry Nesquick like flavor, with hints of vanilla towards the finish. It is excellent in water and smoothies, but best drank with milk. You can drink this for days and not get tired of it and since there’s no sugar, it’s a perfect excuse to have some dessert before a workout!

Strawberry Shortcake is loved by many in this community for its flavor and that’s pretty much it. The flavor is pretty simple, not too complex, and pretty much gives you exactly what you want. A solid choice for anyone wanting to get into Gfuel or if you may not know what you want.

4. HypeSauce: I don’t think I have ever seen so much undisputed love for a flavor like Hypesauce. HypeSauce is Raspberry lemonade, with a focus more on the Lemonade rather than Raspberry. The powder has a pleasant berry smell with notes of citrus. It’s an excellent drink with a ton of potential for mixes. We have even seen people recently make Gummy Bears with Gfuel, and this would be an awesome unique flavor to try that with!

HypeSauce receives the attention that it does because it’s a flavor that really deserves it. Overall the flavor is amazing for the average drinker, and while slightly on the sweet side for my tastes, it can be easily compensated with less powder or more water, without any significant degradation to the taste.

5. Ragin’ Gummy Fish: Out of all the flavors that I have ever tried, RGF takes the cake for the most accurate. RGF tastes EXACTLY like a Swedish fish. No, if ands or buts. The flavor is a sweet and highly enjoyable cherry flavor and has the ability to be “double scooped” to increase the flavor exponentially. Overall if I had to drink One Gfuel flavor, it would be this one.

RGF is absolutely amazing to have. The powder smells like a bag of Swedish fish candies, the drink tastes like a bad of Swedish fish candies and it has none of the traditional “Energy Drink” flavors along with it. This flavor while not the favorite of everyone is not only enjoyed by avid Gfuel enthusiasts but also the most casual of drinkers.

Bonus suggestions!

Maybe you don’t want to put all your eggs into a single basket, and that’s perfectly reasonable. While not as cost-effective as getting a whole tub of Gfuel another option for new users is to purchase a Build your own box!

The Build Your Own Box, allows customers to select 4 flavors of their choice for a total of 20 packets, with individual servings for 16-20 ounces of water at a time. You will have a HUGE selection of flavors to choose from, so you can get a mixture of my suggested flavors above, or go your own route, and find something that sticks out to you!

Or if you just don’t know what you want, and would like a safe bet, then go for a Premium pack, which is a pack of 20 servings, of multiple flavors that have been best sellers or highly rated. This will leave you with some extra money for a shaker cup of your choice in return, which is the best way to drink Gfuel!

Still don’t know what to get?

We have all been there, it’s perfectly fine! You can join the subreddit, filter by “flavor reviews” and see hundreds of posts about flavors with different opinions than my own! And while you are at it, drop a comment below, ask your questions, opinions, or what you ordered!

You can also join our Discord and get more help if you need it!

If this post has helped you at all, then, please use our subreddit Discount code! Each use of the code brings us closer to getting our own universal discount code on all purchases! So not only will you be helping us out, but you will be helping everyone else in the sub later on! Another awesome perk for helping us out is that anyone who uses the subreddit referral code will receive Donator perks by verifying their purchase by messaging a moderator or me!

What do you think about these choices? Would you change anything on here? And what is one thing someone new to Gfuel should know before they get started?

We are reading any and all feedback and I am happy to add any flavors that are overwhelmingly supported!

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