Bumble won’t let you share bikini and bra photos if you took them indoors

Internet companies frequently have murky policies when it comes to sexuality, and that apparently extends to dating apps like Bumble. BuzzFeed News reports that Bumble took down photos of artist Cali Rockowitz wearing a bralette due to a policy banning swimsuit and underwear photos when indoors. Apparently, a bikini top or shirtless look is fine as long as the shots were “taken outside.” And no, you can’t edit the photos to fake an outdoor shot.

A spokesperson told BuzzFeed the policy took effect in 2016 after both complaints from users as well as research. Shirtless bathroom selfies were the “most swiped left on,” Bumble said, and cracking down on that affected swimsuit and underwear shots. Outdoor shots are allowed as they reflect a “natural setting” for bikinis.

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