DoorDash lets restaurants add their own delivery drivers to its service

DoorDash will allow restaurants that prefer using their own people for delivery to use its platform to reach more potential customers. The company has launched a new product called “DoorDash Self-Delivery,” allowing restaurants with their own fleet to list themselves on both its main platform and/or Caviar. DoorDash says the option could increase restaurants’ visibility in their area while being in control of their “end-to-end customer experience” and creating “new opportunities for their existing staff.” In the new products’ sign-up page, the company says restaurant that go for the new option will pay a “reduced commission rate,” though it didn’t say by how much.

One of the first restaurants using Self-Delivery is Jimmy John’s, which will add 2,400 listings to the platform’s marketplace. Restaurants that sign up under the option can set a delivery zone and price their own delivery fees. They’ll be listed just like any other place that uses DoorDash, but customers won’t be able to track their courier’s progress. The platform will note if a place uses its own fleet on its page, so customers are aware:

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