Google now has iOS widgets for Gmail, Drive and Fit, with more on the way

However, the Gmail one looks like it could use some work. As you can see from the screenshot Google shared, you can use its new widget to search your inbox and start composing an email. It also shows a count of your unread messages, which is something you can already see if you glance at the app icon.  

Google Fit widget


The company is also working on widgets for Gcal and Chrome. The former provides you with an overview of your upcoming appointments. Tapping on one of the color-coded event icons will let you see your full calendar. Meanwhile, the Chrome one lets you search or type in a URL, open a tab in incognito mode, conduct a voice search and scan a QR code. Google says a smaller version of the widget comes “with a little prehistoric surprise.” I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to see the Chrome Dinosaur on my home screen. 

Google Chrome widget


You can add the Gmail, Drive and Fit widgets to your iPhone and iPad home screen starting today. The Calendar one will be available sometime in the next few weeks, while the Chrome one will make its way to everyone sometime next year — though you can try by installing the beta on your phone. 

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