Help Hubs have the BEST Xmas EVER- The search for the gaming chair : gamers

Hi reddit. Hubs loves you, and believes your are the ultimate guide to the galaxy so I am hoping y’all can help make his Christmas perfect. He wants a gaming computer chair for his dude office. The problem? We have a silly black cat who is obsessed with cheese, his people Daddy, and sitting on the back of the computer chair. Is there a gaming chair out there that is wide and long enough on the back for a doufus black cat to sit on and tail whip his gaming person?

The current chair is 19 inches across the back and about 5 inches wide. The crazy house panther sits on the middle pillow thing that is about 14 inches across. And if I can figure out how to add an image you will get to see our little doufus youngest cat child.

Thanks in advance! And I really hope I picked the right place to ask for help, sorry if I didn’t. The Doodle cat

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