Secretary of State says Russia is ‘clearly’ behind federal agency hacks (updated)

President Trump hasn’t acknowledge the hacks or named culprits so far. He has historically been reluctant to accuse Russia of hacking campaigns, and at one point claimed that Russia had stopped cyberattacks despite evidence and contradictory remarks. Russia has denied involvement so far, but it typically maintains innocence regardless of proof.

The Secretary of State’s public accusation could still be significant. It might rally support against Russian hacking and spur both agencies and companies to bolster their security. While there’s no guarantee the current White House will use sanctions or retaliatory cyberattacks, there might not be as much pressure to do so when there’s a conspicuous, collective response to the hacks.

Update 12/19 12:30PM ET: Trump has downplayed the hacks, claiming “everything is well under control” and suggesting it might have been China instead. He presented no evidence to support his claims.

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