Singapore is the first country to approve the sale of lab-grown meat

Additionally, one major advantage of Eat Just’s manufacturing process is that it doesn’t involve any antibiotics. The overuse of antibiotics in industrial farming is turning into something of a ticking time bomb when it comes to human health.“We think that [the way] to really solve the meat problem — which is a health problem, a deforestation problem, a morality problem — is to make animal protein,” Tetrick told NBC News.   

The startup had been working toward regulatory approval for approximately two years. As part of the process, it had to show it could consistently manufacture the cultured chicken. While Singapore’s decision to allow Eat Just’s could encourage other countries to follow suit,  regulatory approval in the US and other countries where land isn’t in scarce supply is likely years away. In the US, in particular, there are strong lobby groups that represent cattle and other animal farmers that will be against cultured meat.

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