The Snapdragon 678 is a modest update to a two-year-old chip

The included Spectra 250L ISP makes the 678 capable of capturing limitless 4K video and stills at up to 48-megapixels. It can also support dual-camera systems of up 16-megapixels. It also comes with built-in support for all the usual photography features you expect, including portrait mode, 5x optical zoom and low-light capture.   

When it comes to connectivity, the 678 includes the same X12 LTE modem that came with the 675, but Qualcomm has added support for a feature called License Assisted Access (LAA) that taps unlicensed 5GHz spectrum in combination with carrier aggregation to increase capacity. In ideal conditions, you’ll still get fast download speeds, with Qualcomm claiming the X12 can deliver theoretical download speeds of up to 600Mbps. However, the X12 won’t let you connect to any 5G networks. Rounding out the connectivity package, the 678 comes with WiFi 802.11n and Bluetooth 5.0 support. 

The Snapdragon 675 mostly made its way inside phones from Chinese OEMs like Xiaomi and Oppo. It came to North American thanks to phones like the Motorola Moto Z4. The fact the 678 doesn’t include 5G connectivity may limit its appeal since most North American carriers are currently trying to sell consumers on the strengths of their 5G networks.

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