Twitch suspends xQc for cheating in a ‘Fall Guys’ tournament

Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek, another major streamer who competed in the tournament, slammed xQc and suggested he could be banned from Twitch for cheating. A day after the incident, xQc acknowledged his actions and apologized.

This marks at least the fourth time that Twitch has temporarily banned xQc. As Dot Esports points out, the service previously locked down his account after he showed nudity and watched a sexually suggestive video while streaming. It’s not clear how long the latest suspension will last.

According to StreamElements, xQc was the top streamer on Twitch in each of the last four months in terms of hours watched. His stream typically has tens of thousands of concurrent viewers. Having immense popularity on Twitch won’t shield streamers from a permanent ban, however, as Guy “Dr. Disespect” Beahm learned earlier this year.

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