Up your electronics, programming and robotics skills for $50

You begin your training with a comprehensive introduction to Raspberry Pi. This overview, which doesn’t even require you to have a Raspberry Pi board, guides you through fundamental Raspberry Pi skills. That means discovering how to set up the software and configure it with Arduino hardware to writing basic Python programs.

With a strong foundation, you then move onto apply your newfound knowledge to several exciting projects. You get the chance to build a smart dustbin, a smart mirror, a smart security camera, a GPS tracking system and an obstacle-avoiding robot — all with step-by-step instructions that make your first handful of projects an excellent learning experience.

On top of that, this bundle removes the steep learning curve of trying to figure out ROS2 basics on your own. Instead, it breaks down complex concepts into bite-sized lessons that teach you essential ROS2 skills without any frustration. You also get the chance to immediately practice what you learn alongside your instructor, writing code to create, build, debug and run your ROS2 programs.

Courses included:

  • Raspberry Pi Essentials & Extras ($200 value)

  • The Complete Raspberry Pi Bootcamp ($99)

  • Raspberry Pi Essentials: Learn More in Less Time ($200)

  • Build Your Own Smart Dustbin Using Raspberry Pi ($200)

  • Make a Smart Mirror Using Raspberry Pi ($99)

  • Build a Smart Security Camera for Raspberry Pi ($99)

  • Build Your Own GPS Tracking System with Raspberry Pi ($200)

  • Obstacle Avoiding Robot with Raspberry Pi ($99)

  • ROS2 For Beginners ($199)

  • Learn ROS2 & Migrate Your ROS Projects ($199)

  • Connect & Interface Raspberry Pi with Arduino ($99)

  • Internet of Things with Python & Raspberry Pi ($200)

  • Hands-on Zigbee Using Raspberry Pi ($99)

  • Introduction to Asus Tinker Board 2020 ($199)

  • Getting Started with NodeMCU (ESP8266) Step by Step ($200)

Raspberry Pi is a fantastic way to up your electronics, programming and robotics skills through rewarding, hands-on projects. Typically $2,391, The Ultimate Raspberry Pi & ROS Robotics Developer Super Bundle is on sale today for $50, 97% off its original cost.

Prices are subject to change.

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