Voi tests e-scooters with built-in pedestrian detection

By this point, most people know electric scooters aren’t the safest form of transportation you can use to get around a city. Frequently, people don’t have the necessary experience to know how to respond to certain road situations. Voi, a Swedish startup that offers electric scooter rentals throughout the UK and continental Europe, thinks it may have a solution. The company is partnering with another startup called Luna to add a computer vision machine learning algorithm and high-end cameras to its scooters that will assist them with detecting pedestrians.  

In practice, the companies claim the tech will help Voi’s scooters better navigate areas densely populated with people. It will also help them understand what kind of surface or lane they’re driving over — whether that be a bike lane, sidewalk or road — and respond appropriately. Another part of the partnership will see Luna lend Voi GPS technology that will allow it to control the parking of its scooters down to the centimeter in select areas. They claim this functionality will help reduce street clutter, as well as streamline operating costs.  

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